In a Maryland car accident do you have to go to the Hospital within 72 hours?

Very often new clients ask me if they have to go to the  Hospital or doctor within 72 hours.  Apparently, people are told by the officer responding to the accident that they won’t be able to pursue a claim for personal injuries if they do not see a doctor in 3 days of the accident.  This is totally wrong.  Do not suffer in silence, but do not assume that you cannot proceed with a claim because of this “3 day” rule.  Even if you do not go to a physician within a week of the accident, you can proceed.  I have settled cases successfully where a client did not treat for an entire month after the accident!  This is not recommended and there should be a good reason for the delay.  But, the mere fact that more than 3 days had passed after the crash does not eliminate the claim.

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