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Worker’s Compensation Disability Qualifications

Work injuries come in all shapes and sizes. You could be laid up in bed for weeks, or able to perform light tasks and office work within a week of treatment. When determining what amount of worker’s compensation you should be receiving, it is important that you factor in your disability qualification as well as…

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As a Social Security Disability Attorney, I take keeping up to date with the law very seriously.  For that reason, I am a member of the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY CLAIMANTS’ REPRESENTATIVES- NOSSR.  This is the reason that I am a Sustaining Member of NOSSCR.  This is the reason that I have traveled all…

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Jeffrey Scholnick Published in August 2016 Edition of Mundo Latino

Maryland attorney, Jeffrey Scholnick recently wrote an article in Spanish about a recent Carlos Vives concert that he attended in Wolf Trap, Virginia. Read the article in its entirety here. Mr. Scholnick’s article is printed on page 22/48 on the online version of this article. About Jeffrey Scholnick: Jeffrey Scholnick has been practicing law since 1983,…

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Appealing a Traffic Court Ruling

Maryland has laws providing Defendants the right to appeal a judge’s decision in traffic court.  However, doing so can involve many hours and substantial expenses. If you are interested in appealing a decision, be sure to carefully analyze if the amount of time and money is worth the possible outcome. If you are still interested…

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Time Limits for Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Work injuries can cause a lot of stress.  It helps to know the details of worker’s compensation laws in your state.  Here, Jeffrey Scholnick addresses worker’s compensation time limits and details on time limit extensions. This article applies specifically to Maryland Workers’ Compensation law. In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you are required to…

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Tips for Making the Possibility of Paying Off Student Loans a Reality

Paying off student loans is inescapable for new graduates. For many, they are a burden that can last for years. Students who struggle to repay their debts should plan ahead and practice vigilance with their finances in order to avoid future panic. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Scholnick offer tips for paying off student loans…

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