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What is Considered a Work-Related Injury?

Work-related injuries are specifically defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Here, the workers’ compensation attorney Jeffrey Scholnick discusses what qualifies as a work-related injury. Work-Related Injuries as Per OSHA Standards OSHA has set standards that qualify an injury as a work-related injury. OSHA standards state that employees are eligible for workers’ compensation…

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What Happens If I Leave the Scene of an Accident?

When involved in a car accident, individuals have a legal obligation to stop their vehicle and exchange information, at least. Maryland attorney, Jeffrey Scholnick discusses the possible repercussions brought upon an individual by leaving the scene of an accident. Under Maryland law, drivers are required to take certain steps immediately following a car accident. Failure…

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What is Personal Injury Protection?

What is Personal Injury Protection and how does it apply to a Maryland auto accident?  Here are some rules that you need to know about  Personal Injury Protection, also known as PIP: If you have PIP on your Insurance Policy, it pays medical bills & lost wages for you, even if you were at fault…

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Medical Insurance for Social Security Disability

What Type of Medical Insurance Coverage Do I Receive with Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits? You are entitled to Medicare insurance coverage 29 months from the date you are found disabled. The date that the 29 months begins to run is not the date of your Award, the date of your hearing or the…

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When you have been awarded Social Security disability insurance benefits, you are entitled to a 9 month “trial work period.”  These months do not have to be consecutive months. You are entitled to a trial work period every 5 years. If you earn less than $750 gross in a month, it will not be considered part…

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You can work while receiving Social Security disability benefits but you cannot earn more than $1,000/mo. gross.  If you earn more, your benefits will stop unless you are within your trial work period (explained later). If you are receiving SSI benefits, every dollar you earn will affect your monthly benefit. It is important to report your monthly…

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