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Do not give a statement to the police without an Attorney

There is a Maryland case that recently emphasized the importance of not waiving Miranda rights.   Since this blog related to Maryland laws and legal rights, the case of  Ramiro Arce Gonzalez v. State, No. 4, September Term, 2012,  emphasizes why you should not give a statement without an attorney present.  The case can be…

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No De Una Declaracion a la Policia

Soy un abogado en Maryland.  Entonces, esta información es para personanes que han sido arrestados en Maryland.  (Primero, lo siento porque mi español no es el mejor. ) Cuando los policias piden que usted vaya a la estación para hacerle preguntas, yo recomiendo que usted pida un abogado.  Aunque usted tenga que ir a la…

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We will miss Judge Ann Brobst of Baltimore County Circuit Court

It was indeed tragic to hear that Judge Anne Brobst passed away this week.  Therefore, I am posting an article that I wrote for the Baltimore County Bar Association Advocate monthly magazine in February, 2010.  After experiencing the joy of Judge Brobst’s investiture, I felt compelled to write this article.  This piece comes from the…

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