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If you are being sued by a debt collector, make them prove their case! Part Two

Recently, I have successfully defended two defendants in debt collection cases involving old credit card bills.  In each case, my clients (the defendants) either did not remember ever creating the debt or being serviced with the suit papers. In both cases we reached favorable outcomes because we demanded strict proof that could not be provided…

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If you have Federal Loans, what is an IBR, PAYE or ICR?

If you have Federal Student Loans, you may know that IBR means Income Based Repayment. You may also have heard of the PAYE Program, which stands for Pay As You Earn. Or, if you have an older Federal Student Loan, you may have heard of ICR which is the abbreviation for Income Contingent Repayment. These…

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If you are a parent and your child is going off to college, you will want to help your student through these formative years. However, resist the urge to co-sign on you child’s student loans. Here is the reason- 5 or 10 years from now, when you child is between jobs and cannot make the…

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