An Overview of Worker’s Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp or workmans’ comp, is a form of relief that compensates employees who become ill or injured due to occupational-related events. Here, Maryland workers’ compensation attorney Jeffrey Scholnick of The Law Offices of Jeffrey Scholnick provides an overview of workers’ compensation law.

Workers’ Compensation Basics

Workers’ compensation is beneficial because it provides security for medical treatment and recovery of lost wages as well as compensation for a permanent disability. While states vary in workers’ compensation rules and regulations, some programs provide additional benefits to injured or disabled employees such as programs in place to help workers return to the workplace—in the state of Maryland, vocational rehabilitation is available for disabled, covered employees who need assistance returning to the workforce. Also, in the state of Maryland, the families of workers who die of a work-related event can receive monetary aid. Click here for more information pertaining to Maryland workers’ compensation law.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The majority of states, including Maryland, require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, a commercial insurance required for injured employees to sustain benefits. Typically, employers can receive workers’ compensation by

  • purchasing a policy through a commercial insurance carrier,
  • meeting the criteria to be self-insured, or
  • paying into a state-run workers’ compensation insurance program.

In the state of Maryland, you can purchase workers’ compensation insurance either publicly or privately; in other words, insurance can be purchased from any licensed, private insurance agency as well as through a state-wide fund.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are various forms of temporary and permanent relief that are covered under workers’ compensation. Benefits may include medical and vocational benefits as well as recovery of lost wages:

Medical Benefits

If an employee is injured on the job, they can receive medical treatment at no cost to them; the care will be covered by workers’ compensation. Types of medical treatment include physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, pharmaceutical prescriptions and even surgical procedures.

Vocational Benefits

Those who were injured on the job, and who have received all necessary medical procedures, have the opportunity to be a candidate for vocational benefits such as those offered under the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) Vocational Rehabilitation.

Lost Wage Recovery

If your work-related injury or illness inhibits you from entering the workforce for a temporary period of time, workers’ compensation can allow you to receive compensation of your wages. This compensation is usually a percentage of your normal wages.

Discuss Your Workers’ Compensation Case with Jeffrey Scholnick, P.A.

You can never anticipate what will happen in the workplace, which is why it is important to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side in case of a work-related accident or injury. That is why workers’ compensation attorney Jeffrey Scholnick of The Law Offices of Jeffrey Scholnick has over 35 years of experience providing legal counsel for those in need of workers’ compensation benefits. If you would like to speak to a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney regarding workers’ compensation and what it may mean for you, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey Scholnick today.

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