Are you being sued over your student loans?

If you are like many Marylanders, you had to take out private Student Loans to pay for your college.  Like many other Marylanders, a family member such as your parents or grandparents co-signed your private Student Loans. Now they are on a fixed income and you are afraid that they will be impacted by a lawsuit if you are sued.  Or, as in many cases, the student is unemployed or has left Maryland and you are the co-signor who has been left “holding the bag.”

If you are facing collection actions from the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, chances are that you have tried unsuccessfully to resolve and settle the debt.

Rather than lose hope, you need to give me a call.

I have been representing former students and/or the co-signors for years and have successfully resolved many of these cases in ways that the former student or the co-signor could not obtain on their own.

First, I will review the records that you have to see the defenses to which you might be entitled.  After that, we will consider your options.  Finally, I will quote you a fee to enter my appearance on your behalf in the lawsuit and try to negotiate a resolution to your satisfaction.

The most important idea to understand is that you are not alone!  While every case is different and I can never guarantee results, there are options that a lawyer can obtain for you that you probably will not be able to obtain yourself.

However, there is only one way to find out if I can help you- call me @410-494-9944 extension 12.

Or, please go to my website,  At the top of the web page is a section called “Forms”.  If you scroll on “Forms”, you will see an entry for “Student Loans”.  You can fill out the form and click “Submit” at the bottom.  The completed form will come directly to my email and I can respond right away.

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