Attorney Jeffrey Scholnick Elected to the Board of Latino Provider Network

Jeffrey Scholnick was recently elected to the Board of Latino Provider Network.   He was introduced to the entire membership as the newest Board member on Nov 26, 2016.

Jeffery it was a pleasure for the Board and I to sit and get to know you a little better.  The Board and I discussed the great things you bring to the table, your expertise, commitment to the community and language skill set [studying Spanish] are assets to the board.

Jeffery for these reasons the board members, present yesterday voted unanimously on having you on the board.

The Latino Provider Network is the largest network of individuals and businesses servicing the Baltimore Hispanic Community with approximately 100 members.


If you do business with the Baltimore Latino community then you really need to join two organizations, the Latino Providers Network and the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


The excellent President of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber, Jorge Castillo  has written wonderful articles about the Chamber.  But, I want to tell you why you should join the Latino Providers Network.  I have been a member for about 4 years now.


If you a Hispanic business, you already know that you are part of the fastest growing business community in America. According to Veronica Cool, of Cool and Associates, New Hispanic businesses are opening at three times the rate of non-Hispanic businesses and Hispanic business is growing at 15 times the national average,


If you are a Hispanic business in Baltimore, especially a newer one, you need to Network with other successful Latino businesses, find out about programs to assist you and locate other Latino businesses that can buy your products and services.  You do not have to succeed alone..


I joined the LPN when it was recommended by Publisher, Pedro Palomino.  He told me that it was a good organization in which to meet other businesses that provide services to the Hispanic community in Baltimore.  I realized right away that the monthly meetings were the best way to learn about upcoming events in the Latino community.  These meetings are also an celebration of thriving  Latino community in Baltimore..


Most of all, I realized that,  if I want to serve the Latino community, i need to know what is important to the people in that community.  I  need to participate in the events that help the Latino Community.  And I  need to support other businesses that participate with the Latino Community.


As the grandson and great-grandson of immigrants, I can identify with people who come to this great country to better themselves and their families.  It was the passion for freedom and prosperity that brought the first immigrant Pilgrims to this country almost 400 years ago..  No matter who is in  the White House,  the drive for self-improvement and progress is a tidal wave that cannot be stopped, even by a wall.


It is for these reasons that I am very proud to have been given the honor last month, to be the newest member of the Board of the LPN.  I want to help people in this city who want to make themselves and Baltimore better.

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