Jeffrey Scholnick Published in BCBA January 2016 Newsletter for Article on Laban Sparks

Maryland attorney, Jeffrey Scholnick was published in the January 2016 edition of The Advocate, the newsletter of the Baltimore County Bar Association, for his article on Laban Sparks.

In Mr. Scholnick’s article under the section, “Historical Perspectives,” he recounts the biography of the third president of the Baltimore Count Bar Association – Laban Sparks. Mr. Sparks was widely remembered within the BCBA community for his splendid address that he gave when he was sworn into office,which dealt with “the power and enfluence [sic] which members of the Bar exert in their respective communities, and appealing for the close and hearty cooperation of the members during the coming year.”

Read this article in its entirety here. Mr. Scholnick’s article is printed on page 33 on the online publication.

About Jeffrey Scholnick:

Jeffrey Scholnick has been practicing law since 1983, and he has dedicated his legal career to being an exemplary attorney, known for his professionalism, competence and courtesy. He is one of the few Spanish-speaking attorneys in the Baltimore, Md. area, and provides legal services for a wide range of practice areas.

For more information about the legal services offered at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Scholnick, contact Jeffrey Scholnick at or (410) 494-9944 today.

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