6 Ways Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Benefit Women

Maryland Social Security attorney, Jeff Scholnick offers six reasons that demonstrate the importance of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for women. 

For decades, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security have played a critical role in preserving, uplifting and prolonging the lives of women throughout the United States. Today, these programs serve more than 20 million women and assist with financial protection and the availability of health services. There is no doubt that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security have made a fundamental difference in the quality of life for women, yet the need for these programs often goes unmentioned.

Whether used during the beginning stages of a new life or many years into retirement, here is a closer look at six concrete reasons that exemplify the importance of these life-changing programs for women across the country.

  1. Bringing a new life into the world. Expectant mothers can cover almost half of the costs associated with giving birth through the use of Medicaid. Additionally, Medicaid provides mothers with access to care services that treat pregnancy-related matters before, during and after birth.
  1. Access to preventative care services. In an effort to prevent women from contracting serious, life-threatening illnesses, Medicare and Medicaid provide women with affordable access to a wide range of preventative services through the Affordable Care Act without the need for cost-sharing. Examples of the preventative services covered include cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure screenings (Note: these screenings are typically covered solely for adults, but there are age minimums and/or health requirements for some services).
  1. Access to prescription drugs. Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and Medicaid offer women in need of prescription drugs access to the medications and services necessary for health management and enhancement. These plans are saving women more than one billion dollars in medical bills each year and allowing them to live many more years.
  1. Financial support for disabled women. Over four million women receive Social Security disability benefits, which provides them with the strongest quality of life through times of difficulty. Additionally, more than half of these women rely on their benefits to supplement their personal income. So, through the help of Social Security, disabled women can live comfortably without fear of impoverishment.
  1. Guidance while enduring chronic health problems. Almost fifty percent of women ages 65 and older suffer with at least three continuing health issues. With the benefits from Medicare and Medicaid, women with chronic health problems can get the attention their physical and behavioral health problems need.
  1. Financial support throughout retirement. As the economy continues to progress, more studies find that women are living longer than men, which means they will need Social Security’s guaranteed lifetime and inflation-adjusted benefits. Over 60 percent of women in retirement rely on Social Security for more than half of their income, it is imperative to reap the maximum benefits from this program.

Both men and women experience many of the hardships above, but statistics continue to highlight that there is a growing concern for women. These are just a few of the key reasons that showcase why these programs are critical for improving the lives of women in the United States.

If you believe that you have a case that requires assistance from Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, consult with a Social Security attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options as he or she will provide you with the best action plan for achieving successful outcomes.

For more information about these impactful programs or how they could affect your individual circumstances, contact Maryland Social Security attorney, Jeff Scholnick.

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