To file an Appeal of a Reconsideration Denial, you can file your Request for Hearing  and Disability Report online at ssa.gov/appeals  or contact your local Social Security office for an in person appointment.

You need to file the appeal within 60 days of the denial of the request for reconsideration.  So do not wait.

If you are filing the Request for Hearing on line, make sure to get proof that your the completed the Request for Hearing.  Save the confirmation from SSA on your computer and print out another copy.    Make sure that you have completed all of the information requested- just filing the Request for Hearing is not enough.  You will need to also file the other requested documents including the Disability Report.

If you are a Spanish speaker with trouble understanding English, the online forms are only in English.  Therefore, you will need to go into a Social Security District Office to fill out the Request for Hearing.

If you file the Request for Hearing in a Social Security Office, make sure that you get proof that you were there!   Have the caseworker print out a copy for you in case it is lost by Social Security.

When you complete the Request for Hearing form, you will see the question asking  whether you wish to appear at a hearing.  Make sure that you mark the box that you want a hearing in front of a Judge.  This is the only opportunity you will have to actually face and speak to the person who will award or deny your claim.  If you choose not to appear, the Judge will  simply review the file and make a decision.  The Judge will not have an opportunity to ask you questions and hear from you how your impairments affect you and prevent you from working.