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Can I file Bankruptcy if I have an ITIN?

Bankruptcy laws don’t require a legal status or U.S. citizenship for a debtor in order to file for Bankruptcy. The U.S. Code, in its title 11 for Bankruptcy, chapter 1 § 109 titled “Who May be a debtor” states that: (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, only a person that resides or has a…

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Five things you can do to help speed up your Social Security Disability claim

As an attorney who handles Social Security Disability cases, I know how slow the Social Security Administration is in ruling on Disability claims. Now, a recent article in the Baltimore Sun dated June 3, 2014, “Area SSA disability backlog is growing” by John Fritze, says that the delay for a hearing in front of a Baltimore…

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Las cinco niveles posible en un caso de seguro social por incapacidad

Hay cinco niveles posible en un caso de seguro social  por incapacidad. Si usted esta negado, usted necesita presentar su apelación a cada nivel dentro de sesenta días. 1. Aplicación de beneficios- el primero paso- generalmente, seguro de social necesita  tres mes a un año para revisar su reclamación. Aproximadamente treinta por ciento de los…

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Medical Insurance for Social Security Disability

What Type of Medical Insurance Coverage Do I Receive with Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits? You are entitled to Medicare insurance coverage 29 months from the date you are found disabled. The date that the 29 months begins to run is not the date of your Award, the date of your hearing or the…

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When you have been awarded Social Security disability insurance benefits, you are entitled to a 9 month “trial work period.”  These months do not have to be consecutive months. You are entitled to a trial work period every 5 years. If you earn less than $750 gross in a month, it will not be considered part…

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You can work while receiving Social Security disability benefits but you cannot earn more than $1,000/mo. gross.  If you earn more, your benefits will stop unless you are within your trial work period (explained later). If you are receiving SSI benefits, every dollar you earn will affect your monthly benefit. It is important to report your monthly…

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