If you have a Social Security Disability claim pending, your case may take even LONGER!

The Baltimore Sun reports today that the wait for a decision in a Social Security Disability case may get even longer, if the Democrats and Republicans do not reach a budget deal to avoid sequestration.  In the article, entitled “Social Security Braces for Budget Cuts, Frustrated Public”, by reporter John Fritze, in the February 26, 2013 edition of the Sun, if there is no agreement on the budget and the automatic cuts are implemented by sequestration, there will be a 8% cut in Social Security’s budget.  As a result, calls will go unanswered, there will be a longer wait for responses and the review of backlogged claims will only get worse.

The idea of longer delays for review of Social Security Disability claims is disheartening.  Things are so bad at this point, that I have many clients who obtain a Favorable Decision just before they are ready to lose their house.  In some cases, the wait is so long that the claimants and their families end up filing with another court also- Bankruptcy Court.  The affect of the delays in the Social Security System can already be devastating.  We can only hope that an additional delay does not lead to further turmoil and tragedy.

In my office, we check the status of Social Security cases on a monthly basis.  By calling the Social Security Administration monthly, we can keep a pulse on your case and avoid unnecessary tardiness.  If sequestration leads to cutbacks in funding, monthly review will be even more necessary to make sure that your claim does not fall into a bureaucratic slumber.

The full text of the Baltimore Sun Article can be found with this link:  http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-sequester-ssa-20130225,0,1025723.story