Do not give a statement to the police without an Attorney

There is a Maryland case that recently emphasized the importance of not waiving Miranda rights.   Since this blog related to Maryland laws and legal rights, the case of  Ramiro Arce Gonzalez v. State, No. 4, September Term, 2012,  emphasizes why you should not give a statement without an attorney present.  The case can be found at this link-

Gonzalez agreed to give a confession without first consulting an attorney.  This problem was further complicated by the fact that Gonzalez spoke a Spanish dialect that is from a remote part of the Yucatan peninsula.

Whether you have already been charged with a crime, have been arrested and placed in custody or are just a “person of interest”, do not waive your essential right to an attorney to assist you.  Whether you are convicted or not may result from the statements you give without an attorney present.

Jeff Scholnick, Esq., Copyright 2012. All rights reserved