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Two Deadlines for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Two Important Deadlines that you NEED TO KNOW when you have a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Maryland Since I have been handling Workers’ Compensation Claims in Maryland for 30 years, there are certain questions that are asked frequently.  Here are two that I am often asked and to which you should know the answers: 1. …

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Un formulario de empleado por Compensacion de trabajo en Maryland (“Employee’s Claim, Form c1”)

Si usted sufre una lesión en el trabajo, usted debe llenar el formulario “Employee’s Claim Form C-1.  Usted puede encontrar este formulario en el red a esta pagina- Sin embargo, hay una problema.  Si usted va a el formulario, es enteramente en inglés.  Entonces, por su asistencia y información yo he traducido el formulario.  Yo espero que…

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A bilingual Maryland Workers’ Compensation Employee’s Claim (Form C1)

If you need to file a Workers’ Compensation Employee’s Claim in Maryland, you can do this online by using this link- But, if your client speaks Spanish and cannot read or understand much English, this form could present communication problems.  It does not appear that there is anywhere on the web where you can find…

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