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New Court Ruling

Maryland Court of Appeals Rules that Indigent Defendants Entitled to Public Defenders at Initial Hearing Before Court Commissioner. Maryland’s highest court ruled recently that poor suspects should have access to counsel at all bail hearings. For those who cannot afford an attorney, this is very good news because instead of running the possibility of not…

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New Maryland Court of Appeals Case- Police Use of Taser Turn a Stop Into an Arrest

Yesterday, the Maryland Court of Appeals, in Reid v. State, overturned a conviction for a handgun violation. The ruling was that there was not probable cause for an arrest. Because there was not probable cause, the evidence obtained after arrest should have been suppressed. You can read the full opinion here:

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On September 11th, we remember residents of Baltimore County who died that day and thank a Baltimore City State’s Attorney who continues to serve

The Maryland 911 Memorial is dedicated today, on the tenth anniversary of that tragic event.  Among the 68 Marylanders who lost their lives that day, five are listed as living in Baltimore County.  Included in that list are Robert John Fangman, Linda Rosenbaum and Cortez Ghee.  A biography of each of can be seen at…

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