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If you are being sued by a debt collector, make them prove their case! Part Two

Recently, I have successfully defended two defendants in debt collection cases involving old credit card bills.  In each case, my clients (the defendants) either did not remember ever creating the debt or being serviced with the suit papers. In both cases we reached favorable outcomes because we demanded strict proof that could not be provided…

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New Maryland Rules for Debtors

Beginning January 1, 2012, if you are being sued by a debt collector, new Maryland rules may help you. The Baltimore Sun reported that Maryland’s Court of Appeals has enacted rules to protect Maryland debtors. Reading the new Rules, at p.4 through 11, it is clear that the Court is reacting to the excesses of…

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Bancarrota en Maryland- Si vive en Maryland, sabia usted que….?

1.  Usted no tiene que ser ciudadano de los Estados Unidos. 2.  Usted no necesita un número de seguro social. 3.  Usted solo necesita vivir en Maryland. 4.  Usted debe archivar y pagar sus impuestos a el estado de Maryland y USA. 5.  En cual estado puede usted archivar bancarrota? Eso depende…Usted puede archivar en…

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