Beginning January 1, 2012, if you are being sued by a debt collector, there are new Maryland rules that may help you

The Baltimore Sun reported on September 7, 2011, that Maryland’s Court of Appeals has enacted new rules to protect Maryland debtors-,0,3294034.story . Reading the new Rules, , at p.4 through 11, it is clear that the Court is reacting to the excesses of debt buyers who have been forced to dismiss thousands of…

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On September 11th, we remember residents of Baltimore County who died that day and thank a Baltimore City State’s Attorney who continues to serve

The Maryland 911 Memorial is dedicated today, on the tenth anniversary of that tragic event.  Among the 68 Marylanders who lost their lives that day, five are listed as living in Baltimore County.  Included in that list are Robert John Fangman, Linda Rosenbaum and Cortez Ghee.  A biography of each of can be seen at…

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Navigating Insurance Claims after Hurricane Irene- Part II

This is a continuation of a prior post about how to pursue a claim for your damages after Irene. Below are some other very helpful links from the Maryland Insurance Commission and Commissioner Therese Goldsmith The Press Release “Frequently Asked Questions After a Weather-Related Loss,” will help you understand the terms of your coverage including…

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