Fundacion ARCE

On December 27, 2014, Jeff Scholnick joined Fundaciόn ARCE for a Christmas lunch dedicated for children who are without parents with an emphasis on the Latino community. Jeff Scholnick came together with Janet Arce, the director of Fundacion ARCE and Centro de Apoyo.

The children had a chance to remember what it’s like to have a nice Christmas with other members of the community just in time for the holidays. Both Mr. Scholnick and Ms. Arce have worked previously to help the less fortunate with the assistance of the Latino Providers Network, Inc.

The overarching mission of the Latino Providers Network. Inc (LPN) is to maximize resources in the Latino community through advocacy, education and networking.

One of the goals of the LPN is to improve the quality, accessibility and cultural competency of public and private services available to the Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. The Latino Providers Network manages and coordinates a membership community base umbrella organization with over 70 organizations and 200 individual members that provide direct services to the Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region in the areas of health, education, immigration, business, employment, arts & culture.

Janet Arce is a vibrant force for positive change in the Baltimore community. Through her foundations of  Fundaciόn ARCE and Centro de Apoyo she has monthly breakfasts for needy children and she helps victims of domestic violence. In October of last year, Mr. Scholnick asked the Executive Director of LPN, Angelo Solera and Pedro Palomino, the publisher of the Mundo Latino, for their recommendation of who to work with to have a Christmas event for needy children. Without hesitation and independently each said “Janet Arce!” 

Jeff Scholnick has worked previously with LPN events and projects. He was the host speaker of the February monthly luncheon for LPN. His presentation was about obtaining social security disability benefits. It was focused on how to assist other members of the LPN and filing for and obtaining social security benefits. 

If a member of the Latino community cannot understand a legal document because of technical “legalese” and  it is in English, that is where Mr. Scholnick steps in. Having an attorney that can act without a translator is a great relief to those who have English as a second or third language.  Mr. Scholnick has also worked with local Latino businesses who have to maneuver through complicated legal documents and transactions and need help understanding their rights and the implications of the contracts they are signing.

In fact, Mr. Scholnick was an attendee at the recent Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala in support of the rising Latino business community.

Social security system is form-intensive and requires an attorney who is informed and can understand and read medical records and who is familiar with the language and can recognize the difficulties that go along with it. Jeff Scholnick is the only private social security attorney in Baltimore that can speak both English and Spanish.