Don’t Drive with Headphones in Maryland!!

As an attorney who represents defendants in serious traffic violations, I know that it is against the law to wear earphones in both ears while driving.

Yet, I see people driving every day wearing these or headsets in both ears.  Do they know the law?

Probably not.

Under Section 21-1120 of the Transportation Article of the Maryland Annotated Code, driving with earphones in both ears is illegal. Also, it gives a police officer a basis to pull you over.  Do you really like being pulled over?

I had a client who was driving correctly but was pulled over for wearing his earphones. Once the officer stopped my client, he noticed that he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. If he had not had his earphones in, he would not have been stopped at all!  Instead he was arrested for drunk driving. There are exceptions for medical or work safety reasons, so, if you have any questions, call me.

As always remember to know your rights, because INFORMATION IS POWER.