Helping protect a small, immigrant business from the threats of a large international corporation

Understanding how to respond to legal documents can be difficult for anyone, which is why it is always best to retain a lawyer who has experience in this field.

The most common problem for businesses in reviewing legal documents is understanding the ramifications of technical legal words used. The wording in legal documents is difficult enough if you are fluent in English; for those of you who are trying to start a business after immigrating to the United States, the wording can appear even more complicated. Working with Spanish speaking clients on legal documents and contracts is something that I pride myself in doing and enjoying.

Here is an example of a predicament that one of my client’s faced. My client received a letter from one of the biggest broadcast satellite service companies in America. In this letter my client was alerted that they had violated federal communication laws by paying the residential rate for T.V. box that they used in their restaurant. They were told that they had seven days to pay $12,000 or further legal action would be taken.

After meeting with my client and discussing the legal options, we decided it would be best to enter into negotiations to try and mitigate the amount that the company was seeking from my client. I was able to reduce my client’s cash outlay by more than 60% of what the broadcast satellite service company was threatening to sue for. Not only were we able to lower the settlement to a third of the demand, but I was also able to negotiate a long-term payment plan so that my client’s business and personal life was not crippled when  pay the  company.