Two more questions that I am often asked by Maryland Workers’ Compensation clients

As a Maryland attorney who handles Workers’ Compensation Claims, here are a couple of questions that I am often asked along with answers for you:

1.   Do I have to go to the company doctor for treatment?

ANSWER- No, Maryland is a  “Free Choice” State.  The Insurance Company and your Employer are entitled to periodic exams, but cannot pick the doctor or therapist who treats you.

2.  Do I have to slip, trip or fall to have an Accident Claim?

ANSWER- No, The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that this is not necessary.  If you have the injury while working and the injury is caused or aggravated by a work condition, you are covered.  So, if you are lifting at work and feel a pain in your back, this should be covered by Workers’ Compensation, as long as this was caused or aggravated by the work condition.