Two Deadlines for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Two Important Deadlines that you NEED TO KNOW when you have a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Maryland

Since I have been handling Workers’ Compensation Claims in Maryland for 30 years, there are certain questions that are asked frequently.  Here are two that I am often asked and to which you should know the answers:

1.  How long after an accident can I file a claim?

Answer- You have to file an Employee’s Claim Form within two years of the accident, but you should really file your claim within 60 days of the accident. Actually, you should file the Employee’s Claim Form as soon as possible.

2.  How long do I have to give notice of injury after an accident?

Answer – You need to give notice of your injury within 10 days of the accident.  I recommend that you tell your boss and and Human Relations Department supervisor on the accident date or as soon as you realize that you were injured in the accident.

These two rules seem very simple, but can be complicated because of certain exceptions and because of the individual facts of your case.  You really need to consult an attorney with experience in Workers’ Compensation Claims before proceeding.  Since I have 30 years of experience in Workers’ Compensation cases, feel free to call me.