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Jeffrey R. Scholnick has almost 30 years of experience helping Maryland citizens obtain their benefits from Insurance Companies and the Government and in helping them to solve their criminal and traffic charges and obtain relief through the bankruptcy laws.  He has mastered the art of helping his clients steer through the maze of the Social Security Administration, the Workers’ Compensation claim system and automobile accidents injuries.  Many attorneys no longer handle bankruptcy claims because of their complexity- Jeff Scholnick explains this system so that you can understand.

As Jeff Scholnick’s office is directly across from the Baltimore County District Court in Towson, he is well versed in criminal and traffic court charges and the manner in which the Courts handle these matters.

Jeff Scholnick has a TWENTY FOUR HOUR RETURN PHONE CALL POLICY.  He or someone in his office will give you the courtesy of a return phone call, under almost all circumstances, to his clients.  This is because he knows the importance of listening to you and trying to address your needs.

Scholnick handles a wide range of cases, including Criminal Defense, Traffic Defense, DUI, Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, Serious Auto Accidents, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Bankruptcy and Business Litigation.

The firm is dedicated to always being fully prepared for every hearing and trial. Jeff Scholnick strives every day to be an exemplary attorney, known for his professionalism, competence and courtesy.

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Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A. Fee Reduction Program For Members of the Armed Services, Veterans and Registered Nurses

Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A has agreed to reduce the fee in select cases by 10% up to a maximum reduction of $5000.00. The client must provide proof of employment in the Armed Services or as a nurse, or proof of Honorable Discharge from the
Armed Service and Veteran status.
Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, cannot provide reduction of fee for Social Security Disability or Social Security matters. Regarding Personal injury, automobile accidents or other acts of negligence or Workers’ Compensation cases, the reduction of the fee is limited to 10% of the fee, not 10% of the settlement or award. Fee Reduction applies only to Personal Injury, Traffic, Criminal, Workers’ Compensation and Bankruptcy matters and not to hourly legal services provided by the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A.
At the initiation of representation by the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, the client will advise Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, whether he/she wishes to receive the reduction of the fee or whether the client wishes to have the 10% reduction donated to a Veteran’s charity of client’s choice. Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A makes no representation that the donation of the reduction will provide a deduction or reduction of client’s taxes. The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A will attempt to donate the reduction in client’s name. However, the client understands that he/she must consult with a tax adviser as to whether the reduction will have any tax benefit, if any.
Client understands that the maximum donation or refund made by the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A is $5000 and, if the total fee, in the case exceeds $50,000.00, the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A, will only donate or refund $5000.00 and the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Scholnick, P.A will receive the balance of the fee in full.
The terms of any reduction/donation of fee will not apply if other discounts in fee apply to client’s case.